5 Free Multiple File-Hosting

There are multiple ways to download files from the internet. Still one of the most popular methods is using BitTorrent, but downloading your files from a Cyberlocker is also common. A Cyberlocker is an online file storage service that you can upload files to and then give the links to other users so they can download your files from the service. The most well known service, Rapidshare, is long gone, but others like RapidGator, Uploaded and ZippyShare are names you might have heard of.

While most cyberlocker type services have a free download option, it’s usually restricted in some way. It will usually be by restricting the number of downloads in a certain time period and/or capping download speeds. The number of online file hosting services changes all the time and some get shut down while other new ones appear, but there’s always several to choose from.

To try and keep your uploaded files available for longer, using a service to upload a file to a number of these services at once is quite useful. You only have to upload the file once and it’s automatically redistributed to the selected hosting services. Here we list a total of 15 file spreading or multi host services which will allow you to distribute your files onto several cyberlocker sites in one go.

  1. MirrorAce
  2. MultiFileMirror
  3. MultiUp
  4. Embed Upload
  5. MirrorsUp

Thats it 5 Free Multiple File-Hosting

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