Browsing using Fry Pan and USB Stick or WajanBolic

Basicly the function of this wok is being wave reflector like parabola. More bigger of the wok more strong the wave we can get. This antenna can connect on the range 1-1,5 km.


Make USB WIFI ANTENA USB (Wajanbolic)


1. Big diameter of wok(more bigger more better)
2. PVC pipe with diameter 3 inch.
3. Doff 3″ (to close the top of PVC paralon) 2 piece
4. Aluminium foil
5. bolt wit size 12 or 14
6. Wifi USB Adapter
7. Double tape
8. UTP cable 10 meter
9. Pole (to make antenna more high)


1. Ruler
2. Cutter

1. Make the hole on the wok
2. Make USB ekstension with UTP cable
Calculate the focus of the wok D:diameter d:depth of the woke
F = D^2/(16*d) = 70^2 / (16*20)


Parabolic dish with D = 70 cm, d = 20 cm
Distance focus from center dish : F = D^2/(16*d) = 70^2 / (16*20) = 15.3 cm

Cut the PVC pipe 30 cm, then give a mark for the distance of the feeder (free aluminium foil area).

1. Make the hole on pipe and don’t forget on the mark of focus to take Usb Wifi adapther
2. Then wrap pipe with aluminium foil except the feeder, if the alumunium foil doesn’t have a glue, use double tape.
3. Take the doff to close the pipe.
4. Then take first doff on hole of the wok. Then use the bolt and rool it.
5. Take the pipe on the doff.
6. Make 10 meter usb ekstension with UTP cable. Cut the short ekstension then open the cable. Choose the color of UTP and pair with the short USB ekstension. Nop roblem if u choose diferent color but you have to do again for the other point. With the same color of pair.example usb red>utp brown, usb blueutp green.
7. Connect the Usb ekstention with usb wifi. Take the antenna on the top of pole. Connect the ekstention cable to the computer and scan the wireless network.
8. When it’s connect you are ready to browsing, surfing, and wardriving.
pic. Tutuppancibolic (close with usb wajanbolic)

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