How a teacher facing kids at Schools with Restorative Practise (1)


So my question is like how is your strategies, methods, that you would take to encourage, support and reinforce both girl and boys success in the classroom? And what method or strategies to deal with bad student in class?


Right now, many schools in Melb Vic Australia is using a method called Restorative Practise. The idea is to get the kids to own up to their own behaviours and developing awareness of how their behaviours may impact on other people and themselves.

 We have those questions printed in a name card and we carry with us at all times and we use it when students misbehave. Those questions are what were you thinking when you did that? Who were the people impacted by your behaviour. What you meant to be doing at that period of time.

I also often give my students choices if they misbehave, if you continue with that behaviour, that is fine but there is a consequence of staying with me after class. Often then they will choose not to do that unless in some occasions they will feel very strong and continue, you then keep you words, keep them in and do the restorative questions with them. I also use counting system, I count to them, they will be quiet or I will write a minute on the board, that means, they will stay behind with me.

I do not need to keep many in as they know me very well to follow up, so before ten, I got the class quiet and listening. Encouragement is a must, often with eye contact and give them positive comments such as good job on your writing, you write thoroughly, great display of friendship etc.

You have to be fair and firm. I bribe my students too with lollies and chocolate or stickers.  I engage my classes with funny youtube videos and often with my homeroom we play games to build teamwork. It can be an easy game such as guess what numbers I am thinking.  To zenga, or team games by the way I am only teaching Year 7 and 8 this year so they are still transitioning between primary to high school.

With seniors, I am not as strict as younger level as they often show maturity. This how a teacher facing kids at Schools with Restorative Practise (1)

Source: A teacher at Melbourne


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