Minix Neo X7

The new Minix Neo X8 is even better than what I have right now. I bought Minix Neo X7 last year (2013),  because I don’t have a Smart TV.

Playing media on your TV shouldn’t be hard. I have very little patience for messing around with a device just to get video and audio to play on a big screen, and I’m always looking for a better way to do it, so when I was offered the chance to review the Minix Neo X7 Android-powered Mini PC from Ebay, I leapt at the chance.

The X7 (as I’ll call it for simplicity’s sake) is a rather small, unassuming little black box with some decent hardware packed inside. All said, it’s about the size of 3 CD cases stacked up. There’s a Quad Core Cortex A9 processor paired up with 2GB of RAM, a Mali-400MP GPU and 16GB of internal storage. Android 4.2 is running the show.

There’s a variety of ports arranged around the left/right/rear edges including three full size USB ports, a Micro USB port (labeled USB-OTG), headphones, microphone, an SD/MMC slot, HDMI output, optical audio output and an RJ-45 ethernet jack. There’s also a socket for screwing in the external wifi antenna.

Packed in with the X7 was a very basic remote control, HDMI cable, power adapter, a standard USB-to-MicroUSB cable and a USB-OTG adapter.

All said, after you’ve connected the power adapter, a HDMI cable and the Wifi antenna, the diminutive little box’s aesthetic appeal is somewhat destroyed.

Official website :

Screenshoot of mine:

Minix Version


Ready to set

Minix Neo X8 – What do you need before you buy and where to buy :

1. TV must support HDMI plug.
2. Internet modem must close to the TV (so the internet cable can reach) or must have wireless connection.
3. Do you have a wireless keyboard and a mouse ? If not, you can buy the cheapest one from Officework .  You can get a combo, like in (
mk220?crid=27 – $39.95) save more money instead of buying them separately. You just need a mouse if you want to use a virtual keyboard like on the phone. You may also use a remote for Minix (Included).
4. You can buy it from
– – Minix neo x8 price: $169.96 AUD (item in Melbourne)
– or you can search “Minix Neo X8” (the newest one) or “Minix Neo X7” (last year version) which is cheaper on eBay. Do not buy Minix Neo Mini X7 or X8 (the mini version the antenna is not strong for wireless network and the specs are not good, read the description of the item before you buy). They also sell in the UK with free postage but can take longer time on delivery. For more options, you can trust this website

Store version:
––Player—Makes-any-TV-a-Smart-TV—4k-Ultra-HD.html (Minix Neo X8)
––Player.html (Minix Neo X7)
Pick up in Mulgrave or delivery
Price as you see + tax + delivery :)


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