Woman’s Life

The focused woman sat still, biting her lip, trying to recall a dusty memory from her childhood, which had been long forgotten over the years. It bared no resemblance to her other childhood memories, which were heavy and had caused her pain, that had been a torment to her for some time; no this memory was a simple sweet nothing.

She struggled to remember, recalling how the bright gray sky was mimicked by the fog. And as an 8 year old how the ferry didn’t seem small, it felt as large as the water surrounding it. Peering over the railing the water was lapping the sides; she had felt curiosity and fear at the thought of her small frame slipping through, falling in the white frothy unknown.

On deck groups of people were gathered, couples standing about feeling like the lovers of Titanic, but there she stood alone. Although loneliness was a constant friend to her- which she would later learn to appreciate- she did not feel alone. White birds played in the air, the wind drew back her long disheveled hair, and as she stared out at the water stretching on for miles, she felt a peace fall upon her.

What she did not know was at that very moment she was witnessing the start of her life. A life measured in the tenderness of unforeseen beauty that is the muse of artists, the cause of symphonies, and the inspiration of heartfelt prayers of those admiring God; moments that are often missed by many, but are the sum of lives for others. It was a fleeting moment of sweet nothing that was the perpetual start of sweet nothings for years to come.

Video Credits:
Drawing & Painting : Stonehouse(석가)
Video Editing : Yirigun(이리건)
B.G.M : Silent partner – ‘Big screen’
Painting tool : Painter11

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